Rose Colored Glasses

by Sam Bekt

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These Old Stories
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These Old Stories This is something different. The sound of it is so unique and I can't get over how it sounds listening with earbuds in. It's so good. Favorite track: Why.
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"Why" (Official Video)


Rose Colored Glasses is an album about outlook, location, and experience.
I have written and recorded these 12 songs over the past year or so. They’re commentaries on situations, experiences, and emotions I’ve felt over that time.


released November 1, 2016

all songs written by Sam Becht
all instruments played and recorded by Sam Becht
guest lead guitar on “Parade” by Mochi Robinson
all tracks mixed and produced by Sam Becht
Mastered by Mochi Robinson and Sam Becht
All recording was done at SPS and Omni

special thanks to :
Mochi, Kat, Rae, Joey, Evan, Mario, Nick, Fawk, Breezy, Soko, Johnny, Spencer, Jules, Hailee, Christian, Dav, Tiana, Zim, Yale, Matt, Abigail, Diego, Colty, Dashy, Erin, Emily, Shane, Greg, Meg, and Megan



all rights reserved


Sam Bekt Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ex JANK drummer

solo work from philly

all of these songs were not recorded in a studio !

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Track Name: trapzilla / Penny Each
trapzilla / Penny Each
if you get the money throw it up
don’t fear the future show it off
well be clothed in raincoats made of gold
don’t stop the daydream till your old

how come your numb how was your day
i ask you why and you won’t say
lets buy a car well drive away
ill slash the tires its not your day

i biked for miles hours gone
sound no commotion music off
hands wrapped in blisters serve em raw
the best planned disaster you ever saw

my times running out i could take ya somewhere show you around
hey aren’t you some thing
Track Name: Highchair
im sittin in a chair and i am low theres music off so imma turn it on
im sittin in a chair when i found this song gosh its been twelve months hope thats not too long
reel in your oldest worms collect them on the shore are ya sure they’re yours ?
did you ask the submarine did you get your laundry clean and did you sweat your stress out ?
id watch your step my friend id wash your feet again cause you probly stepped in the glass all over my den
i hope your chair is high and i hope you make it to the sky and i don’t want no police cause they took me from these god damn streets
Track Name: Parade
why can’t i just melt away ?
fire me up disintegrate
wouldn’t it be nice if we could float along ?
no where to go nothing to say

i want you to put me in your head
put me in your head so i don’t have to think for myself

too much thought way up in there
too much head below my hair
if i paid you would you cut it all away ?
locks hitting the floor what a parade

and i look at myself
and its always the same
theres just too many things
that i would rearrange
if you expect yourself
to always remain
well you’re not wrong
because we’ll never change
Track Name: "Florida"
for the love of gosh shingles will not guard your home just buff up pringles crack everyone knows it
florida the palm trees crack their knuckles
floored ya me I’m out here on my own
me I’m out here on my own
i got down here on my own
Track Name: Why
why can’t i only ever be with you i only want my appetite I’m starving whats on sale ?
hi this guy looking like your alibi don’t forget the shading on their skin and innocent face

right back to the state from before
how can they take your blood when your sore ?
how can we make this love I’m not sure

i get tired of telling people all the time of telling people all the things that make me sleep deprived
cry your eyes color melts like frozen wine my butterflies outnumbered by the lashes spread like cards

cmon cmon cmon this is what your waiting for
go on go on go on let your pedals hit the floor
we got some time on us not in kansas anymore
get home unclothe lets just take this to the floor
Track Name: stacking plates
stacking plates
stacking plates on the reservoir
no mistakes on the reservoir
cant turn back already gone this far
turn around i already flipped you off

i know my time aint long but ill still see you tomorrow if i don’t make it my last words are on the reservoir

we only came in teams of one
thats why were out here having fun
how could you ask us any questions ?
i only answer to the sun
Track Name: Disengage
so many people in my way
the church’s steeples here to stay
im not a reaper just jk
they’re in the basement I’m afraid

dont do that you’ll go unfollowed
runnin up thru the mist like i’s born in 65 oh

keep a way
keep away
keep a weigh
what you say
keep away

so many people in my way
i got the feeling that’s amore
you said come over i said okay
you bring the bullshit i’ll bring the hay

never stay
never stay
never stay
Track Name: Got Me (Tyme '37)
Got Me (Tyme ’37)
we came to you with

drunk and high, and the lack thereof
my head truth be told i haven’t felt
something lost in the pulp it pulls my

unties my rope
can i keep you tangled some more ?
we can talk about this we can talk about it
Track Name: volcanoes
get out of the city
it corrupts today
we only have four seconds
to run away

get out of the city
it erupts today
talkin bout volcanoes
to get away

don’t ask me bout ma body
its not yours to say
don’t tell me bout ma figure
go away

i get used to you
naughty you
hold on one more second let me get used to you
Track Name: u may try / bout my self
u may try / bout my self
you may try
but its all i see its all i see right
you may wonder why
why you’re a portrait you’re important
-how many times am i gonna be around gonna be around
to see what is cookin
i wanna be there when you win
baby you make my head spin
get, get, get away
im afraid of this energy
this free fuck is scaring me

we got home all alone no one knows where’d they go
i couldn’t see you
i tried to make you realize
you’re not gonna see me up at your place
yeah I’m tired of you
but i won’t let this song be bout myself
bout myself
bout myself
yeah yeah uh

i put my head up on repair